COVID-19 Vaccinations Save Lives Get Vaccinated COVID-19 vaccinations are free, safe for all, and no ID or insurance is required. Do it for you, for us, for Frederick. people chatting at work Limit Screen Time for Employees Reduce Screen Time Screen time has increased immensely in the past year and a half. Reducing screen time is not only important for children, but adults too. Get tips on how to limit your screen time. woman smelling food Improve Mental Health
with 5-2-1-0
Continue Reading Your mental health relies heavily on how you spend your time and what you put into your body. Following the 5-2-1-0 program, you can lead a happier and healthier life.
two people talking Improve Mental Health
in the Workplace
Learn More Mental health and stress management are important in all facets of life, but especially in the workplace. Habits like regular physical activity and a healthy diet help reduce stress.
woman taking a nap Recharge Your Battery Relax & Recharge Disconnect from screens and refuel yourself by taking time to relax while taking a walk, stretching, or having a nutritious meal. Read more tips on how to recharge your battery. two women walking Walk Across America Challenge Read More

Did You Know?

American adults spend nearly 50% of their day looking at screens.
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When exercising, you can feel a boost in your mood in as little as five minutes.
Depression reduces cognitive performance about 35% of the time.
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Experts say 60-to-90-minute naps can be a great energy booster when you feel drained.


We offer several resources to help you and your family live a happy, healthy life. Find recipes, nutrition tips, apps, and more.

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Better health is good for everyone—it’s good for Frederick County residents, for families, and for our communities.

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