A young girl holding a back of fresh vegetables and smiling Help Keep Our Children Fed Read More Blessings in a Backpack is working hard in our community to feed children experiencing food insecurity and to prevent diabetes. Find out what they do and how you can get involved. A group of children doing crafts with a counselor Start Planning Your Afterschool Adventures Check It Out It’s almost back-to-school! Now’s the time to explore our partners, including the YWCA and the Boys & Girls Club, and sign your kids up for fun afterschool programs for all ages. A father and son have fun playing soccer Give Your Kids Screen-Free Time Reduce Screen Time Limiting your kids’ screen time helps them sleep better, among other advantages. Find out more about the lasting benefits of screen-free time for your children. Keep Your Kids Healthy This School Year Get Tips Nutritious lunches are important for your child’s health at school, but taking care of their health also means checking for poor vision, lice, and bullying. Learn what to look for. Make School Meals Nutritious Learn More Kids do better at school when they eat healthfully. Get tips on ways to make their school meals both fun to eat and packed with the nutrients they need to succeed.

Did You Know?

Last year, the Frederick chapter of Blessings in a Backpack fed 3,200 children.
0 minutes
Children and teens ages 6-17 need 60 minutes of moderate aerobic activity 3 days a week.
0 hours
Each day, the average American teen spends up to 9 hours in front of a screen.
Only 17% of children who are bullied seek help afterward.
Most children get half their daily calories at school.


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Better health is good for everyone—it’s good for Frederick County residents, for families, and for our communities.

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