The Winners of Our 2nd Annual Walk Across America Challenge: Night Walkers!

walk across america winner

Congratulations to the Night Walkers, the winners of the 2021 Walk Across America Challenge. The Night Walkers ran, skipped, and walked their way to over 5 million steps—over 1.5 million steps more than their closest competitors. This equates to roughly 2,500 miles, or the equivalent of walking from Baltimore to Colombia!

The Night Walkers showed their commitment to their team and their health this past October. Through exercise, they boosted their minds, sharpened their focus, and improved their physical well-being.

The Night Walkers weren’t alone in their commitment—over 60 teams competed in the 2nd Annual Walk Across America Challenge. Teams like Walking Witches, Walkin’ on Sunshine, Teacher Trekkers, and Finance Underdogs all racked up over 1 million steps each. Participants were able to convert their exercise minutes into steps so all of their physical activity counted.

Night Walkers team leader, Sonya Terrell, shared her thoughts about competing in the challenge with her team:

“Our team stayed motivated through teamwork, communication, and inspiring each other. Don’t get me wrong—we faced our fair share of struggles during the challenge: sore feet, dehydration, and body pains all came into play, but we pushed forward. We will continue to workout together through the winter months. My favorite memory during the challenge was just spending time with my team. It makes working out so much easier when you’re doing it with others.

If you’re interested in competing in the next Walk Across America Challenge, do it. You don’t have to just walk. You can get your steps in at the gym, with your group, or at any health-related organization.”

Congratulations to the Night Walkers for setting the bar for Walk Across America Challenges to come. With the same commitment they showed, we can all improve our health and well-being!

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