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Bad Habits to Kick

No matter how health conscious you try to be, everyone has bad habits. It’s a normal part of life! But the longer you participate in these bad habits—like stress eating or sitting too much—the harder they are to quit. Don’t put yourself down. Make a positive change in your life by kicking the bad habits...

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Rethink Your Drink in 2022

Congratulations, Rethink Your Drink Challenge Participants! Our 6-week Rethink Your Drink Challenge has officially come to an end. More than 170 people participated in sipping smarter this summer. During this challenge, participants were asked to rethink their drinks by skipping sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) like soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, and more and choosing water instead....

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Back-to-School Grocery Tips

Back-to-school season is upon us and there are countless things you need to keep track of—sports, schedules, homework, activities, and so much more. One thing that shouldn’t add more stress to your plate is food shopping, preparing, and packing. But with so much to consider and so little time, these tasks can easily get away...

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Healthy Recipes Using Fresh Seasonal Produce

The summer season is the best time to get fresh produce—farmers markets, CSAs, and orchards are open and filled with fruits, vegetables, proteins, and more. Frederick County is home to more than 181,500 acres of farmland, so you can get locally sourced food while supporting your community. Using these products, you can make delicious, fresh,...

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5 Steps Toward Improving Women’s Health

May is Women’s Health Month and an opportunity to make healthy choices. With so much focus on work, chores, taking care of family, and more, healthy habits can sometimes be put on the back burner. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes further than eating well and working out—although those elements are extremely important. Improve your well-being...

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Healthier Swaps for Easter Treats

Easter is a fun holiday filled with family, picnics, and egg hunts. But the Easter Bunny is also known to bring a lot of sugar-filled candy and sweets. Between jelly beans, peanut butter cups, and chocolate bunnies, you’re looking at a large dose of sugar. Eating too much sugar can lead to type 2 diabetes,...

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10 Foods that Boost Your Mental Health

Everyone knows the foods we eat affect our physical health, but did you know they can also affect your mental health? For years, the medical field did not acknowledge the connection between mood and food. Diets high in processed foods and sugar have been linked to anxiety and depression, whereas diets high in whole foods—like...

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The Winners of Our 2nd Annual Walk Across America Challenge: Night Walkers!

Congratulations to the Night Walkers, the winners of the 2021 Walk Across America Challenge. The Night Walkers ran, skipped, and walked their way to over 5 million steps—over 1.5 million steps more than their closest competitors. This equates to roughly 2,500 miles, or the equivalent of walking from Baltimore to Colombia! The Night Walkers showed...