Congratulations Are in Order for Our Healthy Habits Reset Challengers

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It’s a wrap on our Healthy Habits Reset Challenge—and our challengers crushed it! In case you missed it, the Healthy Habits Reset Challenge followed our 5-2-1-0 program, encouraging our teams to hit “reset” on their health and reach their wellness goals in the new year.

Daily, our challengers followed these simple guidelines, then entered their stats online to see their progress compared to other teams.

5 – Eat at least 5 (or more) fruits and vegetables
2 –
Decrease screen time to 2 hours or less
1 – Get at least 1 hour of
physical activity
0 –
Ditch sugary drinks and drink water instead (8-11 cups for women; 10-15 cups for men)

Fifty-five teams made their health and wellness a priority in 2021, and it paid off. Take a look at a few outstanding results from our challengers:

healthy habits recap statsOur challengers are reaping the rewards. The Ligsays, for example, have not only lost weight, but Gerardo’s high blood pressure has decreased too. They’ve completely changed their lifestyle because of the challenge. They no longer need second helpings or sugary desserts. They’re choosing healthier snacks and meals, walking more, and saving on their grocery bills because they’re making smarter, healthier choices. And they’ve only just begun their wellness journey!

We can’t thank our challengers enough. We are so proud of the dedication and commitment you made to your health this year.

The challenge may be over, but LiveWell Frederick is always here. We encourage you to continue the healthy habits you discovered during the challenge and take a look around our website for more resources, programs, and information on health and wellness to keep the momentum going.

Here are a few resources we think you’ll find helpful:

And, don’t forget—our third season of Story Path is almost here. Keep up those daily physical activity minutes with this family-friendly activity that combines walking and reading. Location and dates are coming soon. Keep an eye on our Story Path page for additional details.

You can see the full Healthy Habits Reset Challenge stats and information on future challenges here. Thank you again to all teams for participating and making 2021 the year of good health. We look forward to seeing you again in our next challenge.

LiveWell, Frederick!

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