Have a Happy Halloween—at Home!

Mother and daughter having a happy Halloween at home

This Halloween, LiveWell Frederick wants you and your family to have the healthiest year yet. Many traditional Halloween activities like trick-or-treating are considered high risk this year between COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing and the risk of spreading infection. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun this Halloween.

Consider these ghoulishly great ideas inspired by our 5-2-1-0 program.

5—Eat 5 or more fruits and vegetables every day.

  • Summon the spooky spirit with healthy snacks the days leading up to Halloween. From monster teeth made of apples and peanut butter to banana ghosts and tangerine pumpkins, kids will love these creative twists on classic snacks. You may even find them helping you in the kitchen.
  • Swap out sugary candies and chocolates for fresh fruit instead.
  • If you must indulge (in moderation) on candy, make sure you’re still getting the recommended 5 fruits and vegetables daily and eating healthy, nutritious meals throughout the day.

2—Limit screen time to 2 hours or less daily.

  • Put down the phones, tablets, and TV and read a Halloween-themed book instead. Tell a fun ghost story or your spookiest encounter, or, better yet, encourage your child to draw and write their own Halloween story.
  • Replace evening hours spent watching TV with craft time instead. Like decorating your home or crafting your own Halloween costume, any of these DIY ideas are perfect for the entire family.
  • During limited screen time, get smart about what your children do and watch. As a family, choose kid-friendly movies like “Monster House,” “Hocus Pocus,” or “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

1—Play or get physical activity for 1 hour or more daily.

  • Combine fitness and play with Halloween games that get your family up and moving together. Active play counts as physical activity.
  • Encourage your family to create their own relay race or obstacle course with a Halloween twist. Maybe you dress up as a scarecrow before racing to the other side of the yard or do a spooky variation on the classic egg and spoon relay by using plastic eyeballs instead.
  • Do your best monster mash. Dance together as a family or try a monster freeze dance. Show off your scariest dance moves (to Halloween tunes, of course), but as soon as the music stops, freeze like statues.

0—Drink 0 sugary drinks. Choose water or low-fat milk instead.

  • Challenge your family to a weekly water drinking contest the week leading up to Halloween. Using this water tracker, whoever has the most water glasses by Halloween day wins a Halloween-themed toy or prize.
  • Make drinking water fun (and frightening) with this mummy water bottle DIY. Kids will love drinking from these adorable bottles.
  • Water doesn’t have to be boring. Infuse water with Lychee and blueberries for cooky hydration complete with creepy eyeballs, or add googly eyes to a clear glass of low-fat milk that’s ghoulish and nutritious.

Additionally, here are a few COVID-19 safety guidelines to follow this year.

  • Follow all Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 guidelines. This includes practicing social distancing, wearing a mask, and staying home if you feel sick.
  • Encourage your child to wash their hands. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer so they can disinfect their hands frequently.
  • Keep the fun outdoors. Do not invite guests inside or host a Halloween party indoors. If you entertain, keep the party small and outside.
  • Before you go out or participate in Halloween-related activities (like haunted houses or pumpkin patches), do your research. Understand how each location is making activities safer for visitors, and only go if you feel comfortable.
  • If your child is more likely to rub their eyes and nose or put their fingers in their mouth, reconsider public places and activities.

Happy Halloween from your friends at LiveWell Frederick!

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