Inspire Healthy Habits in the Workplace

workplace wellness

How do you encourage health and wellness in the workplace?

Nearly half of all U.S. employers offer some type of health promotion or wellness program. Studies show that the average return for employers that invested in workplace wellness programs is $3.27—that means for every dollar spent on the program, the company saved $3.27 in healthcare-related costs.

Another reason to start or refresh your workplace wellness initiatives? Research shows that employers save an average of $5.82 on absenteeism costs for every dollar spent on their program.

If you haven’t yet, what’s stopping you from kicking your team’s health and wellness initiatives into high gear? Here are a few ideas for inspiring healthy habits in the workplace.

Challenge your team to a friendly competition.

Who doesn’t love a good “rivalry?” Motivate your team with quarterly fitness challenges. The new year is the perfect time to get back to the basics of good health. Ask your employees to create teams of 5 and join our Healthy Habits Reset Challenge. Inspired by our 5-2-1-0 program, the challenge motivates challengers to eat more fruits and vegetables, spend less time in front of screens, get daily physical activity, and replace sugary drinks with water instead.

Over the coming months, challengers will track their daily fruits and vegetables, minutes of physical activity, and glasses of water consumed. The goal is to get each member of the team to push harder and meet their goals. Plus, they can see how their team compares to others on our dashboard. Interested in getting your employees involved? Register today!

Survey your team to understand their health interests and needs.

Who better to recommend wellness activities employees will benefit from than your employees? Survey your team by email with questions that help guide your wellness program. What wellness topics interest them most? Do they want to attend webinars or health screenings? What time of day are they most likely to participate? How much time do they want to spend each week? How likely are they to follow through with certain initiatives? Encourage open, honest feedback.

Make it easier to choose healthy options.

An easy way for your team to make healthier choices is by making healthier options accessible. When ordering snacks for the breakroom or vending machine, throw in some healthy options too. Set aside a room for yoga or stretching throughout the day. During team meetings, opt for more nutritious lunches and snacks instead of pizza. Invest in a water cooler on-site, so it’s easy to hydrate during the day.

Treat down-time as active time.

Emphasize movement throughout the day, especially during breaks. Encourage your employees to start a lunch walking group or use short breaks to stand up and stretch. If your team spends most of their day behind a desk, set a reminder every so many minutes to get up and walk around. Take meetings outside where you can walk and brainstorm and strategize.

Invest in a corporate wellness program.

If your budget allows, look into workplace wellness programs. These often include wellness challenges, help with nutrition and food management, encourage better mental health, support regular physical activity, and more. Make sure the program is a priority for leadership too. It should become a part of your company culture and another reason to want to work at your company.

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