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LiveWell Frederick is a partnership of businesses, faith-based groups, educators, community groups, and health organizations dedicated to achieving long-term health improvement. We’re focused on helping the Frederick County community adopt healthier lifestyle habits that benefit physical, mental, and emotional health.

Together, we’re making our community healthier, stronger, and better.

“Common Market is a community-owned grocery co-op that operates under 7 cooperative principles; education being one of them. We are proud to partner with LiveWell to help educate and assist our community members in making healthy life choices. 5210 is important to Common Market as it encourages our community members to become more knowledgeable and proactive in their food, beverage and activity options. Live Well Frederick!” Common Market (301) 663-3416 Frederick County, MD Common Market “Farm to School implements 5210 by partnering with Frederick County Public Schools and exposes school administration, staff and students to the importance of eating nutritious foods grown by local farmers for health.” Frederick County Farm to School Initiative (443) 366-5670 Frederick County, MD Farm To School logo “We are implementing 5210 with students by encouraging schools to use 5210 as a nutrition or physical activity wellness strategy for inclusion in their School Improvement Plans. Having LiveWell Frederick shows that our community cares about each other and cares about our health.” Frederick County Public Schools (301) 644-5000 Frederick County, MD Frederick County Public Schools “5210 is important to our practice because it follows our practice initiatives and helps us promote to our families the importance of nature, healthy eating and the power of play.” Frederick County Pediatrics (301) 882-7489 11717 Old National Pike New Market, MD 21774 Frederick County Pediatrics logo “For us here at University of Maryland Extension, we want to help the community learn about healthy behaviors. We want to help people have enough knowledge that they feel confident in their ability to live healthy lives!” University of Maryland Extension (301) 600-1594 330 Montevue Ln, Frederick, MD 21702 University of MD Extension "5210 is important because it's what our society needs to turn the tables on unhealthy living. We should all be conscious of what we eat and how we spend our days. As adults, we are the examples for all children, youth, teens and young adults." YMCA of Frederick County (301) 663-5131 1000 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701 YMCA of Frederick logo United Way “One of our pillars is health, and we care about the health of the community. We know that the initiatives of LiveWell Frederick will increase awareness in healthy eating and exercise, and those are the key to a healthy community.” United Way (301) 663-4231 629 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701 "Being part of LiveWell Frederick helps Frederick County Farm to School connect to more people passionate about healthy food choices while supporting local farmers. Farm to School believes in the power of relationships and helping residents blaze the trail for building a local infrastructure by growing, processing, and eating local foods." Community FARE (240) 626-5209 P.O. Box 340 Walkersville, MD 21701 Community Fare logo

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