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Build Healthy Habits By Rethinking Your Carbs


This challenge is currently closed. Please check back for future challenge updates.

Congratulations to all who completed the Rethink Your Carbs Challenge. Over 200 individuals participated in 11 different groups, and in total, more than 21,000 servings of fruits and vegetables were eaten! To see the full results of this challenge, visit our blog.


What are carbs?

Carbohydrates, or carbs, give us the energy to move, think, and more! Some types of carbs give us energy that lasts for a long time, while others can lead to weight gain and health problems. What’s the difference?

  • Complex carbs are in some fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods. They take longer to break down, so they are less likely to cause spikes in blood sugar. These foods provide us with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. You can think of these foods as “healthy carbs”.
  • Simple carbs are sugars. They are broken down more quickly.
    • Natural sugars are found in fruit and dairy products like milk and cheese. They contain protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, so they are a part of a healthy diet.
    • Refined sugars and processed sugars are often found in breakfast cereals, soda, baked goods, and more. These contain calories but have little nutritional value. They can give you a burst of energy, followed by a crash that leads to craving more carbs.


Challenge yourself to learn more and make healthier carb choices!

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See how you did!