Story Path

Story Path is a fun way to encourage physical activity and literacy! Story Path is made up of individual pages of a children’s book which are placed on different signs. The signs are placed in the ground along a short walking path within the community. You can enjoy a stroll along the path and read a fun children’s book as you walk along!

The best part is it’s an easy way to knock out two steps in the 5-2-1-0 program: getting 1 hour or more of physical activity each day and 2 hours or less of screen time. Give your child’s eyes a break from their digital screens while getting them up and moving on the Story Path.

The third season of Story Path is here!

Join us for the 2021 season of Story Path at Utica Park, Hill Street Park, and Othello Regional Park. The following dates and books are slated for April through July:


  • 4/21: “My Colors, My World” (Utica Park)


  • 5/5: “From Head to Toe” (Utica Park)
  • 5/19: “From Head to Toe” (Othello Regional Park)


  • 6/2: “Rainbow Stew” (Othello Regional Park)
  • 6/16: “From Head to Toe” (Othello Regional Park)
  • 6/30: “Giraffes Can’t Dance” (Othello Regional Park)


  • 7/16: “My Colors, My World” (Othello Regional Park)
  • 7/30: “I Will Never Not Eat a Tomato” (Othello Regional Park)


  • 8/4: “My Colors, My World” (Utica Park)

Interested in having your own Story Path?