Make It a Summer to Remember!

Unplug and recharge this summer—join the Summer of (You Choose…) Challenge. It’s a simple way to take a digital detox and learn a new hobby or activity.

Here’s how it works. Replace the time you’d spend laying on the couch watching TV or on your phone this summer with a hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Think anything that incorporates elements of 5-2-1-0 (eating healthier, reducing screen time, physical activity).

Here are a few examples:

It’s your summer—and your challenge (i.e., awesome new hobby). Make it the best one yet.

Which Hobby Did You Take On?

Use the dashboard below to see which new hobbies were started thanks to the Summer of (You Choose…) Challenge. How popular is yours?

Did you know there are many benefits of starting a new hobby?

  • Engages your mind and body
  • Serves as a creative outlet
  • Gives you something to look forward to and be passionate about
  • Allows you to socialize with others
  • Often leads to self-improvement
  • Alleviates stress and improves your mental health