Unplug for a Summer to Remember

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Are you eating lunch with your computer…again? If so, now is the time to take a digital detox by participating in the Summer of (You Choose…) Challenge. Throughout July, replace your recreational screen time with a new hobby or physical activity. When the workday is over and your computer is recharging, you also need to recharge your health by stepping away from the screen.

Research shows that too much time sitting in front of a computer screen can contribute to unhealthy weight or obesity, which are both risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. In addition, excessive screen time can interfere with getting a good night’s sleep. When the workday ends, put away the electronic devices and use this time to start a new hobby or do something you enjoy and reap the benefits of taking care of your health.

For many of us, work requires us to use a computer for most of the day. Try these tips to thrive at work and be productive while taking a break from the computer screen.

  • Visualize new ideas by writing or drawing on a paper flip chart instead of typing on your computer. Tape the paper to a wall and get out of your desk chair.
  • Connect with a colleague by phone instead of writing an email.
  • Enhance your ability to refocus on tasks during the workday. For some, this might be stretching or walking. Others might want to explore the concept of mindfulness.

Managers can also support their employees’ efforts to reduce screen time.

  • Working remotely? Suggest a walking phone meeting instead of an online meeting. When your office reopens, consider in-person walking meetings.
  • Lunchtime might be the only time employees have to stretch or walk. If possible, avoid scheduling meetings during this time.
  • Inspire by example and let employees know that taking care of their health is important.

Resolve to reduce recreational screen time and sign-up for the LiveWell Summer of (You Choose…) Challenge. This free, fun activity promotes teamwork and encourages everyone to replace excess screen or sedentary time with a new hobby or activity. All participants will receive updates and motivational tips to meet their goals. Now is the perfect time to unplug for a summer to remember.

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